Diamonds are expensive because you cannot find a diamond as easily as you find water and in the kind of market that we are living in today this has become one of the most wanted good by anybody and everybody, but even with this insight it would take a very long time for anybody to buy this product sometimes it is very difficult even for the rich people to this product some time, before going off about why it is costly here are the few reasons why this product becomes costly.

A diamond is created when intense pressure is applied to carbon atoms the Carbone atom gets fused together to create the diamond that we value so much.

 The rarity of finding the diamond.

The very first reason why diamonds are costly are they are so rare to found in nature and even when they are found it is found in very small quantities. Hence minerals such as ruby emeralds, sapphires are much costlier than a diamond as they are very much rare to be found than compared to a diamond.

The bigger, the costlier.

The rate at which the diamonds are sold are also very costly because of the weight of the diamond and also the size of the diamond a 3-carat diamond is much less in price than compared to a 10-carat diamond as it is of a much more quantity.

The clarity of the diamond

clarity of the diamond

The rate of a diamond is also based on the clarity of the diamond, sometimes the diamond can consist of more than 10, but if the clarity of the diamond is not very good and if is not very sparkly then the price of the diamond will go down though it is of a much higher quantity.

The depleting source of diamonds.

There is also the factor of the depletion of the diamond source in the market though there are many sources for the diamond in the world all of it is coming to an abrupt halt, especially the availability of colored diamond is also reducing very much on the market today, though the lab made diamonds are sold almost at a half the price of the ones found naturally and it is very similar to the naturally found diamond as it is also very nature friendly .

Demand in the market.

This is a very well know reason as the quantity of the diamond is very less, but the demand for the diamond is very much this it makes the mineral a very costly for a common man to afford to get such a thing.

Though diamonds are so very costly it is still the ‘ A girl’s best friend,’ and every man end up buying it for his lady even though it might be at a very small quantity, he still makes it a point to get it at the end of the day.